This is a question that has been plaguing me for a while – when is it appropriate for me to start looking for an agent. As a first time I author, I have been inclined to wait until the book is complete. After all, if I’m not even sure I can finish it (though I’ve been working a lot harder as of late), how is an agent supposed to know if I’m a waste of time or a sure thing? Not only would the agent be gambling on my ability to craft a good story that people want to read, but they would have to throw into the mix my discipline and whether I could even produce a final product.

But I’ve gotten mixed reviews. I’ve been told that so long as I have three good chapters, I should be good to go, or that I shouldn’t waste my time writing unless I get positive feedback on a query. The following article, Book Writing and Publishing FAQ – Do I Need to Write My Book Before I Try to Get an Agent or Publisher?, made me feel a lot less conflicted. Turns out my initial instinct is the way to go, or at least according to the author of the article. At least that removes the pressure of finding an agent right now and instead allows me to continue focusing on finishing the darn book.