We all get it, some worse than others. But is it really writer’s block? In a post on The Urban Muse, Is it Writer’s Block? Or Overthinking?, the writer examines the real reason behind writer’s block. Perhaps we are not interested in the project at hand, and, like a child being told to do their homework, fall into a mental slump. Or maybe we are over-thinking our writing. Instead of just getting something down and coming back later to revise the content, we worry about getting it just right or obsess about an idea not being perfect. We are so afraid of failure that we do not give ourselves the opportunity to fail.

Sometimes the best cure for me is to take a walk or go for a run. Or if its been a while since I last read my content, I do a reread and mild edits. Usually this happens when I have decided my work is rubbish, and the reread helps me see that its not actually as bad as I thought. Copyblogger recently posted a post about stepping back and putting your work into perspective:

  • Let it rest (at least 24 hours)
  • Read as a reader – I find it easier to do this if I’m reading a hard copy. Something about a hard copy makes it feel more real.
  • Ask for feedback
  • Proofread

Check out the blog for additional details on each suggestion. It was an interesting post.

Another post with good suggestions for ways to break through writer’s block is from Time to Write. And if worst comes to worst, apparently a half hour of exercise can boost creativity, plus it keeps you healthy.