When writing for a younger audience, the words ‘move move move’ keep repeating through my head. I want the action to fly so the young readers don’t lose interest. But as a result, is my plot suffering?

I’ve been feeling like something is not working with the plot. The concept seems good, but there hasn’t been enough time to properly develop the characters, which is especially a shame since I spent days writing out character bios.

Filling out the Scenes

What do you do when you realize you have enough plot to move into a second book? Unfortunately, the only good answer I could come up with was to go back, start from the beginning, and add scenes. Make the action more action packed, make the build-up more of a build-up. And most importantly, give me room to let the characters grow.

Starting with the editing suggestion by Carmella on MiG Writers, (see my post from 8/7/2010) I printed the pages out as though it were a book (2-column, landscape). I then have been painstakingly sifting through my writing, searching for areas that are weak, areas where I can add another scene. In addition, I am compiling lists of additional scenes I can create, scenes that will really show what it is the characters are struggling with.

While this is slow going, I’ve gotta say I’m already feeling better about the book. And I love editing onto pages that are formatted like a book. It makes it feel more real; it allows me to believe that someday my WIP will be a book.

How do you flesh out your story?