My writing has been slacking lately, mostly because I’m in the editing stage and I hate editing. It took about as long to edit my Master’s Thesis as it did to write the darn thing. Anyway, I am now debating – should I buy a Mac Air or not?

An argument for:

If I have a lighter computer, I will be able to take it places. Therefore, I can write more.

Why this argument fails:

Having increased portability does not guarantee that I would write more. In fact, it might encourage less writing. I may take my computer to the coffee shop and then sit and look at all the people. Or I might decide to just sit around the house instead of leaving. Not a good argument.

Another argument for:

It will be shiny and new and pretty. Therefore, I will want to use it.

Why this argument fails:

Yes, I will want to use it, but will I want to use it for editing?

Basically what it comes down to is this – the speed will be the same as my current mac, the screen will be smaller, and the computer will be lighter. So there’s really only one improvement, and in all honesty, that improvement will not magically make me more motivated or more creative. I shouldn’t need something new to finish my writing. But who knows, maybe when I finish editing my book, I will get a shiny new computer. After all, a little bribery never hurt anyone.