The windy road

I’ve finished my first week as a full-time writer. I know a lot of people have asked me what that means, how I will spend my time. So I thought I’d start a little series on being a full-time writer. As you will see, my first week did not go that well, but I’m hoping the second week will be better.

Day 1

OK, day 1 was a huge flop, as you will see if you read my post from last week, Diving In, or Taking Baby Steps. So day 1 was spent waiting for Comcast, nursing a migraine, dealing with the broken radiator, and researching claw foot tub storage solutions, as well as placing a massive order on Amazon for all of the things we will need in our new apartment. I did manage a little bit of work related stuff though – I reread chapter 1 of my WIP and I wrote a blog post. This day definitely did not go the way I imagined it would, but I suppose it could have been worse.

Day 2

Day 2 was not all that much better than day 1, and I realized pretty quickly that I am taking more of the baby steps approach as opposed to diving right in. I am going to blame the move on this one. So day 2 I took a walk around the neighborhood to try to help the headache, checked out the twitter sphere, read some of the blogs I follow, tried to donate blood but was rejected because of a recent trip to Roatan, bought some more things for the new apartment (gotta love The Container Store) and then I got to real work. If by real work I mean cleaning up my social networking sites. I went through Goodreads and added reviews and ratings to books I’ve read this year and then sorted through my to-read list to see what competition is out there for my WIP. I then did some tweeting to try to get my presence back up there. And then I sat down to read Julia Karr’s TRUTH. The best part about being a full-time writer – reading now counts as research.

Day 3

Today started with the best intentions. I cleaned up Twitter and added some tweets. I read some blogs. And then more move related things took over. It is really amazing how distracting an unfurnished apartment can be.

Day 4

Much like day 3, only I did manage to finish reading over my current WIP and started adding some new content. Still, I’m beating myself up about my lack of progress. But maybe it was a bit ambitious to think I could move to a new city and just dive into writing.

Day 5

The fiance and I took the day off to just spend sometime doing the things we need to do to get the apartment ready. We also went on a hunt for a chair so we could at least have a comfortable place to sit. This did not go well.

Week One Wrap Up

As you can see, my first week as a full-time writer was a bit of a flop. I did start a side project for a writing contest over the weekend though (details to come in a later post) and I saw The Hunger Games movie. I have high hopes that week 2 will be a bit smoother, if for no other reason than that we will (fingers crossed) have furniture.