Alright, so I’m ready to share chapter one from my work in progress, The Colony, and I would love to get some feedback.


Anya was a good citizen. She knew the rules of The Colony, and she followed them without question. Until an internship snagged her a spot on the first voyage back to Earth since her people had fled the dying world hundreds of years ago. Now Anya is beginning to question all she has been taught and she is starting to see those close to her, including her father, for who they really are. As war begins brewing between the survivors that were left behind on Earth and the priviledged who had the means to escape, will Anya remember her years of training and remain a good citizen, or will she abandon all she has known for a boy she has only just met?

Chapter 1

Do you like Anya? Do you want to keep reading? Are there things you find confusing? Did the opening grab you? Do you have suggestions for ways I can make it better? You can leave any feedback as a comment or email me at dragonflyword(at)gmail(dot)com.