DSC00388I am currently working on a young adult dystopian novel, The Colony, set in a future where the Earth has all but been destroyed and war is brewing between the survivors that were left behind on their dying planet and the privileged who had the means to escape.

I am also available for beta reading and provide freelance copy editing services (specialize in Chicago style). I love helping writers reach their full potential; beta reading and copy editing are great ways to do this.

In addition to dystopian books, I love books set in fantasy worlds full of magic, mystical creatures, adventure, and the hope for something better in the face of deepest despair. These books meant a lot to me as a child and have continued to mean a lot to me as I grow older. I am excited to share my passion for these genres with generations of children and teens to come.

When not writing or reading, I enjoy spending my time eating cupcakes, snuggling with my cat, Arthur, and drinking tea. Alright, who are we kidding. I do these things while writing and reading, too.

You can learn more about my past and current projects here. Also be sure to check out my blog and writing samples.