If you didn’t guess from the title, I’m in New York for the week. Sadly I’m here for work, not pleasure, but being a work trip and all, at least it’s a free trip. As a writer, you can never go wrong with free things.

New York is Where it’s at

I’ve read a lot of things recently, including an article in the newest Writer’s Digest, that New York is the place to be for writers. Of course, the plethora of publishing houses in New York is a big contributor is this notion, but walking around the city, I stumbled upon something else. New York is a great place for writers because there are so many characters. You step onto the street and you are surrounded by people from every walk of life. Not only that, but the ‘settings’ are equally as varied. Example: last night I ate dinner in an authentic southern BBQ place. Tonight I went to a very French fondue restaurant. In both cases, I felt like I had been transported out of New York to a southern town and a Paris restaurant respectively. Not only did the food leave me feeling this way, but the decor and overall ambiance also contributed. What better inspiration could you want?

Of course, that being said, when the Internet in my hotel was down for several hours today, I took a walk and then watched t.v. instead of writing. But that’s an entirely different issue.