What makes an ideal writing space? I’ve been thinking about this for a while because, until this weekend, I have been without one.

This weekend, I finally got to create my own writing space. No more sharing a desk with the boyfriend. No more being forced to write on the sofa, or the other sofa, or in bed. Finally, after almost a year, I got my own desk (or second desk since the one we were sharing is technically my desk).

What makes the perfect writing space?

Everyone is different. This is a very personal thing. Some people write best in crowded coffee shops late at night. Others find inspiration while listening to music or starting at 5 in the morning or staring at a television. For me, I work best when I’m in a familiar, distraction free place.

But I also need a space that inspires me.

What’s in my new writer’s space?

  • A desk that is just the right size – I needed enough room for my computer and a notebook. If it’s too big, I’ll just cover it with distractions. Too small, and I will feel cramped and uncomfortable
  • A drawer – a drawer is key. I need to be able to stash stuff away. Out of sight = Out of mind
  • Writing books – Last year I found these amazing bookends. They’ve been hidden away in my bookshelf, but now they are out on display, cradling my writing books. Seeing my writing books while I write helps inspire me
  • Natural light – I need natural light or I feel like I need to go elsewhere to find it
  • A comfortable chair – I’m still looking for the perfect chair, but for now, a chair from the dining room table will just have to do.
  • I’m also thinking about a bulletin board for posting ideas, but this might become too distracting.

Other than that, I’m pretty easy going in regards to what I need. Because when it really comes down to it, all you really need is an idea, a little bit of skill, tons of patience and persistence, and something to write the story on, whether its pen and paper, a typewriter, or a computer.

What goes into your writing space? Do you have certain things you need? Do you enjoy a stark space or do you prefer a busier one? Or are you one of those lucky people that can write anywhere?

My perfect writing space